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Why KOLLIDE for in-home academic support?

Experience in tutoring and educational staffing. Our founder, Sonia Robinson, brings eight years of tutoring, test prep, and K-12 staffing experience to KOLLIDE. She has managed three brick and mortar tutoring centers that served thousands of families in Huntsville, AL; Madison, AL; and Franklin, TN. Sonia has also worked with a number of school districts around Alabama to support their staffing needs by placing teachers aides, special education aides, and substitute teachers. She is gleaning best practices from her prior experience to create a service that meets an urgent need today. Furthermore, Sonia is a mom. While she enjoys the extra time with her boys, she understands the challenges that parents face with balancing work, school, and home life. Trusted partner. Beyond our founder, KOLLIDE partners with Spur Staffing, a leader in K-12 educational staffing. Our Academic Coaches are part of Spur’s exceptional education team who work in school districts around Alabama. They are familiar with the school district’s curriculum, pedagogical techniques, and trained in managing a learning environment. Team members are background checked through the Alabama Department of Education and trained to educate your children. Protecting what is important. Protecting you, your children, and our team members is a critical business function. That is why we invest in and maintain all required and recommended insurance pertaining to in-home academic support services. Plus, through Spur, our team members have access to workers compensation insurance in the event they are injured on the job.
Building a trusted community. In addition to providing academic support, we’re focused on building a community of like-minded parents all working toward a common vision of how we innovate K-12 education and provide the best safer at home educational experience to our children. We have a lot of ideas surrounding this topic. Through customer feedback and secondary research, we will be implementing new KOLLIDE features over the coming months.

What about COVID-19 safety measures?

We understand there are varying degrees of comfortability with COVID-19 risk and we respect the desire to go above and beyond the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations. We follow all safety guidelines outlined from the CDC and our Governor’s office regarding in-home service and our team members are trained in the most up-to-date COVID-19 safety guidelines. View the current guidelines from the CDC here.

How do I find an Academic Coach?

KOLLIDE has a curated team of vetted academic coaches. We will work together to ensure the best match and lock in a schedule that works for you and your child(ren). You determine the monthly schedule, we create the assignment, and once your academic coach arrives at your house they are able to clock in to record their time worked right from their phone. Reliable WIFI is a must and we kindly request that you allow academic coaches access to your WIFI. KOLLIDE monitors time and attendance and approves time cards for payroll.

Become an Academic Coach:

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