Support your employees.

If you are a business owner, executive leader, or human resources professional looking for a way to support your team with an academic support solution, Kollide can help. 

It's brilliant. We all agree that we need to keep our talent engaged and productive. However, current events add a layer of stress that none of us are really prepared for. Show your team members you care for and support them as they navigate decisions related to educating their children safely at home. Provide a solution that will also help your business prosper.

Kollide works with business owners and business leaders to surprise & delight your team with two different academic support solutions:


Academic Support as an Employee Benefit

The business covers the cost of academic support during safer at home. ​Perfect for your WFH team members who are juggling work, school, home, and life. It increases their happiness, productivity, and establishes you as a thoughtful and supportive workplace who truly put their team members first.

On-site Academic Support for Essential Workers

Kollide Academic Coaches can come to your business and provide academic support on site. Following COVID-19 safety guidelines, we can build a schedule that meets your employees' needs. Perfect for essential team members who must report to a physical office for a certain number of hours a day. 

Ready to surprise & delight your team? 

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